Recommended point of practical work will be used in the book!

Category: C/C++ -> C++ Author: cfy_kayshen Date: 2013-04-21 16:20:27
2013-04-21 16:20:27
I am a senior graduate student, looking for work mainly for program design
So I would like to invite experts recommend practical point, there are really able to find a job at the same time on the job using the knowledge of programming on the book!
I already have the basis for C + +, and want to further in-depth learning C + +!
2013-04-21 16:34:59
looking for a job, If you look at a book, non-Rui Lin "high-quality C + + programming" must go, have time to look Hou Jie translation of "in-depth analysis C + + object model", then there time looking through the "C + + Primer" bar.
2013-04-21 16:46:12
University looking for work generally just ask some basic knowledge of what the underlying question was too small, algorithms and data structures are more important.
If you are looking for embedded development-oriented, it may ask the bottom of things, but generally do not use embedded development in C + +.

I graduated from college in 2007, our company is the most used language JAVA, but when I when a written question of JAVA no.
to consider some basic things, you know.
2013-04-21 16:54:37

LZ estimated work will be less when reading your original basis are basically learning will only work is to study the actual experience problems in terms of the book are the basics of the project commentary rarely so do not go and buy what books can put previous books on the computer next time forgot open look at the work before the best algorithm to write more skilled program
2013-04-21 17:07:58
C + + primer seen not?
2013-04-21 17:12:51
landlord is doing what aspect ; what language did not say ah
seemingly programming specifications
Code Complete
. . . . .
2013-04-21 17:26:25
"high-quality C + + programming", it is praise
2013-04-21 17:30:37
I think, ACE and BOOST was worth watching.
other books have not seen, is not recommended.