Window is always displayed at the front end , the front end of the main display of the player

Category: VC/MFC -> Foundation Classes Author: conneyzyx Date: 2012-03-18 01:48:55
2012-03-18 01:48:55
Work needs to be superimposed on someone else's player character , others unknown player code , and now a new solution is to build a boundless window ,
plus characters which are displayed in the player when playing videos front , the problem is I have to call the
SetWindowPos ( 
GetSafeHwnd (),  
) function, did not open the player , the character can be in the front window is always displayed when the player is not full-screen playback can also be displayed in the player front ,
and full-screen playback , the window is not displayed , and seek solutions.
2012-03-18 02:10:10
Full screen once again when the call SetWindowPos try.
2012-03-18 02:37:15
injected into someone else's process
player then the parent window to create a child window
2012-03-18 03:12:00
I do not know , will not be full- time, but also OPMOST? There is no way to be the priority ? Or after the show or the front display
2012-03-18 03:27:51

can elaborate? Thank you !