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Category: C/C++ -> Tools/Lib Author: rrdgt Date: 2005-10-07 12:17:53
2005-10-07 12:17:53
But I did not just want to learn programming basics about programming, do not know what to learn the language well, is relatively simple point, I hope you experts recommend, it is best to recommend a book or two, thank you.
2005-10-07 12:26:25
Search previous posts about this too much to ask
2005-10-07 12:41:32

Who says this is not programmed.
2005-10-07 12:49:23
Since the hair in this, then C / C + + a

TCPL good
2005-10-07 12:58:07
simple points can look JAVA C # python
2005-10-07 13:17:07
C + +, recommend C + + Primer
2005-10-07 13:26:52
c # ...........
2005-10-07 13:40:34
c #, If that looking for work, then it is java
2005-10-07 13:54:13
c + + c # simple or easy, I was to be their own websites.
2005-10-07 14:04:59

from the C language began to learn the rudiments other
2005-10-07 14:11:09
Here are models programmed learning software, as long as the Chinese will use the computer typing, you can easily learn programming www.51dgbc.com
software can be downloaded, books can be downloaded for free. Encounter any problems, you can in the forum () or QQ group (25,224,100) published a lot of enthusiastic people who will help you.
2005-10-07 14:16:54
about their suitability programming very simple test:
in newspapers or magazines just to find some articles about 1000 words, enter it again in Word. Losers and then refer to the following answers:

A there are 10 or more text or punctuation errors
B there is no text or punctuation errors and dare to do this with people inside bet
C No text or punctuation errors and fonts and typography is fully consistent with the original
D printed on translucent paper and originals check exactly overlap, and the sense of self, a sense of accomplishment

A does not Good programming (reason: typing accuracy is low, carelessness)
B junior programmers (reason: typing accuracy is high, careful, self-confidence, understanding the concept of full-width half-angle)
C Senior Programmer ( Reason: In the B on the basis of understanding of fonts and typography is also an important factor in computer printouts, but compared to D is not enough paranoia, excellence, the results verifiable)
D Software Project Manager (reason: to give cause for the project convincing and detailed description of the requirements and typical extreme test case the user is almost not fault Professional!)

If you want to become a B from A, then inside my resources to download "Good programmers Keyboard Practice "