Credit Card and UNIX

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> Applications Author: l_12_17 Date: 2001-07-09 22:19:45
2001-07-09 22:19:45
Will prawn, credit card magnetic stripe is how banks and networks for exchanging data between UNIX?
2001-07-09 22:35:30
like why? ?
I know, but can not say here!
2001-07-09 22:52:13
use magnetic stripe card reader read out bank card number, then enter the password 8583 message packet sent through banks
2001-07-09 23:23:53
credit card magnetic stripe data is used to read , and generally not used for write operations, so there is no data exchange argument
2001-07-10 00:00:33
go to the bank to get money? Buy a gun
2001-07-10 00:36:53
can read and write magnetic stripe card to buy a keyboard you can write.
2001-07-10 01:09:55
magnetic card through the card reader reads the information, and then through the CUP provides a unified message uploaded to CUP, CUP and then sent to the issuance of the card bank UNIX FEP
2001-07-10 01:41:42
Carry just have in the account information, bank data via the ATM network to query the data and then return to the General teller machines, intermediate process is very safe, any step wrong, this transaction will be completely UNDO.