Return value by parameter returns the resulting problem of urgent!!!

Category: C/C++ -> ActiveX/COM/DCOM Author: dmjosxd Date: 2001-08-03 19:23:10
2001-08-03 19:23:10
void __ fastcall TForm1 :: Button4Click (TObject * Sender)
Variant Ex;
AnsiString iRYDM, iXM, iXB , iSFZ, iDZ;
TDateTime iCSNY;
int iRETURN;

Ex = Variant :: CreateObject ("ncyl");
catch (...)

iRYDM = "2401000501";
iRETURN = Ex.OleFunction ("of_brushcade", iRYDM, iXM, iXB, iCSNY, iSFZ, iDZ);
if (iRETURN ;! = 0)
ShowMessage ("interface call is wrong!");
; return;
ShowMessage (iRYDM);
ShowMessage (iXM );
ShowMessage (iXB);
ShowMessage (iSFZ);
ShowMessage (iDZ);
ShowMessage (iCSNY.FormatString ("YYYY-MM-DD"));

CreateObject ("ncyl") is to establish a PB9 Write DLL interface
call "of_brushcade" of_brushcade explained below
/ * Function: credit card, returned to the patient information
parameters: as_ylzh string (17) [value] staff coding
as_xm string (10) [reference] name
as_xb ; string (2) [reference] Gender
adt_csny ; datetime [reference] ; Birthday
as_sfz string (20) [reference] ID
as_dz ; string (50) [reference] Address
Return value: integer returns 0 for success, others fail * /

result iRETURN == 0 Description Call is correct
but iXM, iXB, iSFZ, iDZ
PB values ​​have not been applied in [reference] there may be a return value parameter
I do not know how to get the return value CB? How to pass parameters?
2001-08-03 19:41:47
like in SQL SERVER parameter can also be used as OUTPUT call
2001-08-03 19:52:12
reference PB the interface type.
Vb and Delphi String type among which corresponds to the type of PChar.
2001-08-03 19:55:08
also suggested in the course of this call also uses PChar type.
2001-08-03 20:13:12
Thank unsigned (stiff brother)
PB is so called
Ex.of_brushcade (is_insucode, ref ls_xm, ref ls_xb, ref ld_csny, ref ls_sfz, ref ; ls_dz)

CB wonder whether a similar manner pb in ref
2001-08-03 20:30:25
Tomorrow I try to change what parameters
2001-08-03 20:49:13
should be defined types with me a relationship right