Now there is a data file package, how to put him into my own created DataBase in

Category: MS-SQL Server -> Applications Author: bianwen333333 Date: 2001-07-08 17:15:59
2001-07-08 17:15:59
This package do not know what the format, but need to import to create my own db inside

How to operate
2001-07-08 17:22:14
I do not know what format? Then how to guide ?
2001-07-08 17:38:41
today, the first day of practice that the teacher let me put this issue is resolved
but he does not seem to have also studying

I was first exposed sql

question now is this. This system is tobacco bureau portal. now is made with java need to put that file into
I tried to put that file. zip are not extract. teacher said look version of the problem may be that the document is SQL97 do.
2001-07-08 17:51:52
re-up look