Prawn, a few days ago I installed SQLSERVER7. 0 can be used, but today the launch errors are found, the

Category: MS-SQL Server -> Foundation Classes Author: cnkhjcn Date: 2004-02-06 13:41:21
2004-02-06 13:41:21
Error message is as follows:

SQL Server service Manager

Anerror 1069 (login failed because service did not start)
occurred while performing this service operation on the MSSQLServer service.
2004-02-06 13:43:29
is not to turn the superuser password?
2004-02-06 14:00:12
Open winnt service management, - mssqlserver - property, set to start the service user and password
2004-02-06 14:03:53
the password that you should come back. Then you will be able to start the database. If you do not want to do this, you went to the control panel to find 'Services' this. Find your sql service, click the Start button, you will understand how to do it. [email protected]
2004-02-06 14:13:20
can do, you can do as I said above.
2004-02-06 14:19:01
Yes, it should be how to do, and can teach me Well
2004-02-06 14:29:53
my password would be empty, then I set a,,, do I change it back empty Well this is not good

2004-02-06 14:36:02
Thank you, can,
2004-02-06 14:50:20
remember ah, you should have three sql service two or four. Do not change less. That did not change, then that will not boot.
2004-02-06 14:58:21
to sub it. . .
2004-02-06 15:00:49
Oh, you know, thank you ~ ~ 2000 system real trouble
2004-02-06 15:07:24
not already given ~ ~ ~