Will the next online game in C + + front-end is developed it?

Category: C/C++ -> Beginner Author: jj1032625774 Date: 2014-12-14 10:13:08
2014-12-14 10:13:08
I checked online, UI looks like a lot of different engines get

However, its core is a set of windows that do? For example, the message mechanism

like this and C + + development WINDOWS program have any contact it?

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2014-12-14 10:26:32
Not necessarily, but does have a lot to use C + + development.

front of the core are mainly two: the graphics engine, network communications engine. Relations and windows itself is not large, it touches and DirectX, OpenGL or something close.
2014-12-14 10:40:05
through the phenomena of nature, then, are the same.
2014-12-14 10:47:33

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2014-12-14 10:52:52
ah. . . . . . Thank