After reading the book a few sql server2008 novice question, please enlighten me greatly

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2009-12-10 19:49:17
1. SQL in the database under a table, right-click a folder under a new table called a table like this in the book, but there are several designer
Problems do not quite understand this table designer called out only what Column name Data type and allow NULL
the Table Designer main function is used to dry Well with the A? can use this table designer to design the form I want to do?

2. next is to develop an automated response form to see the full statement There are several ideas after the book came out, but there are several issues card points
First SQL provides a full-text index with the index function I want to address this two features to explore index for I want to be able to design a statement
add a pointer to categorize them and be able to use full-text indexing text above keywords sentence Search
book sense to do full-text index search is more efficient to use an index that I first categorize the type of sentence first and then after full-text index
I want to search out a sentence or directly on the use of full-text indexing it?


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3. in the book read SQL data mining capabilities can take advantage of the characteristics of the data warehouse becomes more personalized answer to AI smarter and intelligent it?
such third party to ask a word AI replied to an irrelevant, then go back (this case may be thrown out a fuzzy search use irrelevant words out)
Then reactions of third parties may be what you're saying?, or I do not understand what you mean. Can use this feature to enhance the degree of AI intelligence?
2009-12-10 19:58:54
first question, you are not referring to the database "table" folder, right click out of the Table Designer? This is SSMS provides a graphical tool CIL table, enter the column names, select the column type is point to save, and then output the table name, you can build such a database, this table it. You can also use SQL statements perform the same function.

second question, you might understand only approximate. If a metaphor of a dictionary table, index is the dictionary catalog. A table can have multiple indexes, like the dictionary can have a stroke from a phonetic directories and directory.
full-text index should be considered more alternative index, if the index is the directory where all the words in the dictionary, full-text index of all the words in the dictionary that explains the directory, for example, if you need to search the entire contents of the dictionary contains "A" explanation of phonetic indexing and gestures that did not use the index, full-text indexing is used here. Specifically, there are many restrictions on the use, if you want to use it, you also need to learn more.

third problem, we recommend that you carefully read the definition of a data warehouse, it is intelligent and you may think is not the same. . .
2009-12-10 20:05:07
The question you asked a will. Bangding.
2009-12-10 20:09:40
about data mining content, you look up to, who has written several books on this aspect.
2009-12-10 20:26:43
What are they few books do? whether it can provide the title
2009-12-10 20:39:55
1. do not know what you say is what kind version of SQL SERVER, however, looks like it should be commonly referred to as the Table Designer, three are the column names, column data type, whether NULL. Additionally, the following are edited out for some of the other property settings.
course you can through the table designer to design the tables you need.
2009-12-10 20:49:21
SQL SERVER ; 2008r2 version
2009-12-10 20:54:02
I spent a little dimension table designer come up with the following

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But how to use this to store data?? need to do what moves you?
2009-12-10 21:09:52
MDX or what should be the content of what
2009-12-10 21:47:09
that thing in which it? whether PO pictures up
2009-12-10 22:24:08
HI kuqideyupian

I follow your instructions I saved a file but to how recall stored data tables do?

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