Heroes , how will ListCtrl eliminate horizontal scroll bar , if any column does not show up ! Urgent! ! !

Category: VC/MFC -> UI Author: ax1231230 Date: 2003-01-10 12:33:21
2003-01-10 12:33:21
Is the horizontal scroll bar will ListCtrl eliminated when a line is longer than the width of ListCtrl controls, nor let his horizontal scroll bar appears . How to achieve ah, urgently ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
2003-01-10 12:35:53
I make a mistake , it should be WS_HSCROLL
use SetWindowLong or CWnd :: ModifyStyle
2003-01-10 12:43:17
Try to remove WS_VSCROLL
2003-01-10 13:00:46
I think just set the column width on the line.
as long as the total width of the column is not greater than the control, it will not appear horizontal scroll bar
2003-01-10 13:13:51
I tried, ah, specifically how to write ah, please heroes that detailed point