execution of the application under linux

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> Applications Author: dreamer0409 Date: 2003-01-20 09:08:16
2003-01-20 09:08:16
I run linux write your own applications into the application's directory,
system has prompted command not found. Enter the full path can be successfully implemented. Why?
Does the system does not search the current directory do?
2003-01-20 09:11:01
. / appname
2003-01-20 09:27:35
or profile document changes in the PATH environment variable, the current directory (.) Add
2003-01-20 09:46:31
Answer: environment variable is not added to the current Path.
Solution: add the current path to the PATH variable always go.

on security issues, is based on considerations other harmful programs in general need not got the idea.
because there may be some other malicious users to write some unwanted programs on the system, compile and placed inside your path, or change the name, such as cd. kind of executable file. If you happen to have such procedures in place under the directory, misuse what cd. Would execute the program.
mistake you can know yourself yet?
possible output of this program is: cd.: not found., but it does a lot of work in the background, for example: (a) to add some information to the file / etc / passwd to go inside, so you can be creating a new root user; (2) modify the file / etc / passwd, one is probably empty the file.

some cold, huh, huh ...
2003-01-20 09:56:54
said shell does not search the current directory for security, who can explain?