CListView CImageList destructor is to empty it?

Category: VC/MFC -> UI Author: q13853617 Date: 2003-06-21 09:18:02
2003-06-21 09:18:02
Multiple CListView and a CTreeCtrl share a CImageList, CImageList is a member of CWinApp derived class , the program uses SDI structure , like vc interface into the SDI structure, WorkSpace inside CTreeCtrl clicked , CListView switch , but now after switching CTreeCtrl icons all gone inside , the output of an App class inside imgList picture number found becomes 0 , this situation is because CListView CImageList destructor is to empty it?
2003-06-21 09:31:03
If you need to share a list of images , add to the list view LVS_SHAREIMAGELISTS style. When this does not remove the image list view destroyed.