With IWebBrowser2 *, how to get their Internet Explorer_Server window handle ?

Category: VC/MFC -> HTML/XML Author: z0102356897 Date: 2007-07-19 13:36:31
2007-07-19 13:36:31
Internet search, I basically two ways :

find value above two ways to get the code is the same ( and here I called   hwndA), but not the   Internet   Explorer_Server window handle   ......
detection SPY ++ to   Internet   Explorer_Server window handle ( and here I called   hwndB)

then found , hwndB   's parent   's   parent   is   hwndA   ...

will  : addition to enumerate the child windows way outside  , how to obtain the corresponding   Internet   Explorer_Server window handle ? ?
2007-07-19 13:55:51
Spy ++ check directly with the relationship , it is estimated there is no direct way to obtain , or to get a child window or traverse
2007-07-19 14:05:58
IWebBrowser2 :: HWND   Property

- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

Gets   the   handle   of   the   Microsoft   Internet   Explorer   main  . window

What's   New   for   Windows   Internet   Explorer   7
For   compatibility   reasons,   this   method   returns   a   handle   to   the   top-level   window   frame,   consistent   with   previous   versions   of   Internet  . Explorer   However,   due   to   tabbed   browsing   in   Internet   Explorer   7,   this   window   handle   is   not   logically   the   same   as   in   previous  . versions

should still have to traverse
2007-07-19 14:25:01
then enumerate or traverse it ...