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Add winsock2.h on a lot wrong yo.

CWebBrowser2 or CHtmlView what events trigger after the refresh ( ) is completed

UDP burrows problems , tune for a long time help us to see the flow of my program right , top who took part .

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Very simple question , but it is not on board landed ftp server

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How to use Modme + Mic + Headphones ( in fact, those books on DD ) call ! Can use RAS , right ?

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EHLO SMTP protocol command on the back with what content?

And computer-based simulation of network communication PRTI SNMP host performance -based online monitoring and performance analysis

Will the heroes : how to use VC to achieve the URL contains spaces ( such as "http://www.c.com/1 2.txt") treatment , urgent ~ !

Solving score ! How to build client / server connections , urgent, urgent, urgent, waiting to go home New Year !

Obtain an IP address

Where is this multi- task like BitComet BT download software source code it?

Today is the first day of school network programming, encountered a problem disproportionately hard hit ! There dear friend who helped me solve !

The friend has a forum machine automatically posts the source code? Some words send a sharing it.

What is p2p file transfer protocol used ? ?

Single cpu , how to solve the many concurrent socket receiving data.

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Very strange ! My own program to import a DLL written after , and then select statement , it pops up a dialog months : windows communication port initialization failed

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