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One may be difficult for the low hand on BinToHex () use of the problem, does not work do not conceited! ! ! ! ^ _ ^

Who knows delphi7 compiler brc32.exe usage, or have you like this book? ? ? ?

Programming How to make folders completely hidden? ?

How the current window of any unit or a control to control other window is active?

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Score requirements under Delphi MD5 algorithm.

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API experts invited

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dlgdirselectex usage

The question about the software signature? Master please come!

createwindow create a window (it is really hard to get to know many of the parameters), please attach examples. I searched dfw and programforge also not understood, it is so difficult to do? Rely on!

How to find characters within the code? How to display Chinese characters within the code?

delphi call the dll problems

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Experts to look at this issue, how to get a handle

Who can help put this php code into delphi? Thank you.