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delphi development of how the serial port to send to the key combination CTRL + g?

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Seeking socket completion routine simple example, support for multiple connections with WSASend use, thank you! ! !

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Thank you help me find this code Ah.

On the use is RS232, ModBus protocol CRC efficacy program. Ask an expert to the ideas and procedures! (Extra points)

One pairs computer sound card, which now need to be a piece of "sound A" output audio data, real-time direct input "card B" input section (ie, analog microphone), specifically how. Best to have the original code!

A simple question

[Into the master] cheap chassis Buying Guide on the issue

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RMB Wanted voice chat system source code can also be customized! 2W following contact

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Send Mail idsmtp, NMSMTP have failed (error: not a user is locked, is Authentication failed)