Want the size of the control on the form as the form size is changed, what to do?

Category: Delphi -> VCL/Component Author: ljz09876 Date: 2004-06-15 10:53:31
2004-06-15 10:53:31
It is hoped to have self-control scaling function, say, form is maximized, as they become larger, and the same relative position, how to do it? Prawn! !
2004-06-15 10:59:16
set the control's Anchors property to be ineffective, you try to know.

only good way is:

1 seeking to control the ratio of the original form and position; (in pixels);
2. When the form of the change, the calculation of the size of the client area of ​​the form, proportionate reduction;

annoying; but definitely effective
2004-06-15 11:04:53
as long as set the control's properties can be
Anchors it inside the four sub-options correspond to four directions relative zoom switch ~ ~
2004-06-15 11:19:14
agree with the view upstairs,
attribute controls Anchors There
akLeft, akRight, akTop, akBottom four ways,
2004-06-15 11:22:05
to control Anchors property has
akLeft, akRight, akTop, akBottom full set of four ways True, the method is relatively simple, but the effect is not very good!

2004-06-15 11:31:41
Control Anchors property to meet the general requirements of birds ....
2004-06-15 11:38:19
Oh, thank you ...