How to learn a programming language??

Category: C/C++ -> Beginner Author: lijianhua898 Date: 2003-04-22 10:12:19
2003-04-22 10:12:19
As a programming enthusiast, you want to learn a programming language, or even proficient, you should learn how to go about it? Experts advise ~ ~ ~
door I learned two or three years of programming, but still very dish .. Basically that would compile some of the books of exercises .. would not do anything ... am very upset ... I do not know how to make their own progress .. I now want to learn to find a job after one o'clock .. about programming work .. Please master door gets advice .. how am I going to learn .. how can we learn a language .. even proficient in the language of the foundation ... I have quite good .. ~
2003-04-22 10:25:10
Select a language you're interested in Java or C # and the like, VC can be, but it seems unpredictable prospects, making a real thing, such as to be a chat room, make a drawing program (can be saved), to be a backgammon or chess program, from these small but complete program started, problems encountered in the process of doing their own investigation information, or to programforge question, well after summarize, it will slowly improve, and to do this can be carried out first before This data structure look inside themselves to achieve linked list, trees, graphs, etc.
2003-04-22 10:33:45
If the landlord chose C + +, I think there is no need to learn C # a
actually learn programming lies in the application, not only to learn but also to be diligent in practicing zero
summary is best not to repeat the mistakes made on the first floor second
said makes sense
2003-04-22 10:44:55
personally think that language learning is actually nothing , while in the process of learning the language, learn programming logic and skill to learn computer-related knowledge, such as computer architecture, computer networks, computer graphics, databases, algorithm design and analysis but these things are more important.
programming language is a tool, however, is a stepping stone, in fact, is more important hands, read good code.
2003-04-22 10:52:08
personal opinion,
entry from the language,
then out of the scope of the language,
abstract an idea,
on the same subject ...

to learn a language,
nothing more than to see,
more practice,
called familiar with the Tang 300 , does not write poetry Well ~
2003-04-22 11:03:23
education system caused
own cabin to do a 20,000 line of small projects, capacity up to 10 times
2003-04-22 11:09:37
Do not do it according to the books on their own order. Find a game software such as mine. Find a good one development tool. DIY. Until well so far, not easy to find excuses for yourself.
done, your ability to go up.

like playing games, to leveling the same.
2003-04-22 11:15:52
I learned data structures, C, JAVA, C + + is also probably seen .. see C + +, do not feel difficult, it may be that this material is relatively simple basis for it .. I C is better. So I would choose C in this direction should it .. C + + C # good or good? I would like to learn C + + .. how to learn??
2003-04-22 11:25:35
a, projects
two, to do the project
three, or do the project
2003-04-22 11:29:54
is best to combine items or watching a write open source code to learn.