bcg 's CBCGPDockingControlBar get off the message problem

Category: VC/MFC -> UI Author: kkkdang1979 Date: 2014-02-24 11:11:42
2014-02-24 11:11:42
How to get the appropriate message Close button CBCGPDockingControlBar floating window ? Is click on the upper right corner & times; close the message ; I tried the base class in the afx_msg   void   OnClose (); news did not respond   vomiting .... , help you up ...
2014-02-24 11:25:09
overloaded CBCGPDockingControlBar :: OnPressCloseButton () after the function dockable form the upper right corner , click "X" to close when docked to enter the message , but in the floating -click the message after X can not enter OnPressCloseButton function , but the window will close hidden.
2014-02-24 11:31:51
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