How can plug IE window closes get the news ?

Category: VC/MFC -> ATL/ActiveX/COM Author: jfm850316 Date: 2011-01-08 13:03:00
2011-01-08 13:03:00
Members Hello ,
I recently developed an activeX with VC plug , the content is a window. In IE in use .
normal use there is a connection in that window, disconnected operation.
and some user habits is closed when not in use IE, rather than the point I use [ off ] after the close IE. This will cause the plug- in of some operations have not been executed. Open IE in time, this plugin can not run properly.
I want to know when the user closes IE , I plug in the dialog can know in advance how good some of the relevant code automatically run it ?
I used WM_CLOSE   and DestroyWindow seems to not work.

please help me , thank you.
2011-01-08 13:06:14
WebBrowserEvents2 have an event , WindowClosing, captured this event on the line