Score requirements Source Insight 3.0 or later Chinese help or explanation! Another: Can be used directly under Windows SI compile C + + project? If we can, how to do? Thank you!

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> Applications Author: firfox_ Date: 2001-07-08 13:29:40
2001-07-08 13:29:40
Heroes anxious people are anxious, to lend a helping hand Yeah :)
2001-07-08 13:45:57
my first contact with Source Insight, half an hour after use.
tags, search, mark and so the.
sink in the heart, and more try.
2001-07-08 13:51:39
should not bar.
2001-07-08 13:56:03
I want to use it more than just a simple, SourceInsight settings and options it so much, I want to clearly understand what I use editor, and E-text-lived fad and endure less than heart to see : (
2001-07-08 14:02:30
there is no Supreme answered my second question?
2001-07-08 14:06:32
heard that the Windows version of g+ +, maybe it is true?