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Post Point laugh:

lovely child PART1
This is a pet food through the telephone market survey, the phone is a child.

City ordinator: "The kids You have no family support dog, cat, rabbit or bird? "

Child: "No, my mom is not born."

City ordinator: "@ # $% & * ......"?

; lovely child PART2

Xiaohua right Xiaoying, said: "I'm so admire you ㄛ!"

; "I am writing to write" Mom "is ......" Mom is very hard, I grew up to be a good filial mother. "

You write is ......" Mom is very hard, and I told my children grow up to be a good filial I ...... ""?

Cute kids PRAT3

; church wedding is being held outside the church there are two naughty children.

"bored to death, there is no fun? "

" ah! playing what is good? "

" right! go and groom joke. "

" how joke? "

" that went to his front and shouted his father. "?

; lovely child PRAT4

have a teacher, He was a very devout Christian. One day, he told the children how to say heaven is good, ask the children say they want to go to heaven do not want to play, found that only one child did not raise.

then any connection with the child said how terrible hell , asked a show of hands to go to hell, or that a child did not raise their hands.

so the teacher was very surprised ... how heaven do not go, do not go to hell.

called the children said: " Why not heaven, nor hell go? "

children replied: "my mother said after school to go home immediately, that are not allowed to go ......"?

Cute kids PRAT5

; One day, the little girl saw her mother in front of the stage make-up makeup.

she asked: "Mom, you what to do? "

Mom:" applying moisturizer ah! "

little girl : "Why should I painted cream ah?"

Mom: "so that my mother more beautiful ah!"

; After a child, my mother picked up the paper to wipe cream.

little girl: "how the? discouraged yet? "

lovely child PRAT6 ;

have a child at Christmas time to perform on stage piano, playing the audience has finished shouting "Encore!"

the teacher asked him again one else, and he cried out fast anxious.

children, said: "I did not play wrong, why call me again play again? "?


lovely child PRAT7

a famous medical doctor has a daughter, Whenever someone asked her what people always said she was "Dr. Ma's daughter."

mother to be corrected on the grounds that people feel too snobbish.

her daughter, said: "From now on, After just say you own a horse young girl on the line. "

A few days later, the doctor's a colleague met her: "You're not Dr. Ma's daughter do?"

; the little girl said: "I always think that, but my mother said it was not ......"?

; lovely child PRAT8

One day Chinese teacher sent papers.

master said: "Mao 40 ... ... Agou 35 ...... "

small America with neighboring Little said: "I consider zero yeah ..."

; Xiao Ming: "I was yeah ......"

Little America: "That's ... so the teacher will not think we cheat ah ..."?

Cute kids PRAT9

; Sunday School teacher asked the children: "Do you know where God is?"

"? k at my house this morning in the bathroom." kids answer.

"how do you know it?" ;

"I heard my mom in the bathroom door you outside shouted: "God, how long you want to come out? '"

"@ # $% & * ......

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the wrong word: (
; ___
this most memorable
^ ^ ^
; lovely child PRAT5

One day, the little girl saw her mother in front of the stage make-up makeup.

She asked: "Mom, what are you doing?"

; mother: "In painted cream ah!"

Girl: "Why should I painted cream ah?"

Mom: "so that my mother more beautiful ah!"

; After a child, my mother picked up the paper to wipe cream.

; the little girl: "how the? discouraged yet?"
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"@ # $% & * ......
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is the first rob points, really sorry!!!
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My God, how is the first two up!!!
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Haha really relax a little thank you landlord
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tears jj good :)
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This is worth pondering

lovely child PRAT5

One day, the little girl saw her mother in front of the stage make-up makeup

she asked: "Mom, what are you doing ? "

mother:" In painted cream ah! "

little girl:" Dry Well to be painted cream ah? "Mom

: "so that my mother more beautiful ah!"

After a child, my mother picked up the paper to wipe cream.

little girl: "how the? discouraged yet? "
2002-06-10 00:05:39

little girl: "Mom, I do not how my sister?"

; her mother: "Mom tomorrow to give you a good student?"

Little girl: "Tomorrow? your stomach is so small, how raw Yeah"

; Mom: "@ # $% & * ......

next day

; the little girl: "Mom, I do not how my sister?"

mother: "Mom next year to give you a good student?"

little girl: "My sister was not born next year do? "

Mom:" @ # $% & * ......

that children are easy to cheat!

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ha ha
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beauty line in the road at night (reprint)
---------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
beauty line in the road at night,
suddenly jumped out criminals,

beautiful path blocked.

beauty shouted for help,

not criminals fight fear,

surrounding uninhabited,

plus sounds horrible,

resembles a dinosaur surgery,

no one dared to protect.

beauty reflected in its helplessness,

money to bribe,

doing all belongings,

let me live.

criminals dismissive,

bill I have numerous,

these I do not care,

Just read the Yellow Book,

now just want to rape.

criminals that criminals,

finished immediately went into,

forced to hug,

just want to kiss his mouth,

beauty twice cough,

criminals suddenly come to a halt,

hand on beautiful head,

at least 39 degrees,

listen beauty lungs,

very breath shortness,

criminals backwards step,

expression is very helpless,

then escape route selection.

beauty look innocent,

"Even just too nervous matter,

is not even Guangzhou to your friends. "
2002-06-10 01:33:15
Subject: Ten with SARS-related die! ~!

>>> 1, wearing a mask to prevent prolonged nausea Dead
>>> 2, smoked vinegar cause a fire in the home burned
>>> ; 3, drink plenty of preventive medicine poisoned
>>> 4, colleagues heard someone infected scared
>>> 5, after the return of affected areas due to travel with friends and family to escape depressed and died
>>> 6, was misdiagnosed as SARS blind treatment died
>>> 7, on the Internet spread rumors Masi
>> ;> 8, sneezing in public places is flat dead
>>> 9, afraid to take public transportation to work every day walking exhausted
>>> 10, of course, SARS had died
>>> Finally, because there is always suspect that she had been sent to a mental hospital SARS
2002-06-10 01:53:06
> history of the ten most terrifying ghost stories [Reserved]
> ; the history of the ten most terrifying ghost story
> (1) ghost Suoming
> Once there was a man, he has a girlfriend and he more than anyone in the world all love her.
> But one day, his girlfriend left him mercilessly, and even did not give him a reason.
> watching his girlfriend holding hands shopping by others, his distress, lost his mind .
> Finally one day he killed his girlfriend.
> Originally he was going to kill her after the suicide. But when death will feel that life is precious.
> From then on he was plagued by nightmares every day, dreams his girlfriend naked, disheveled,
> red tongue hanging, the fingers like a hook to him Suoming.
> nightmares torment his form If pin bones, one day he got a priest has been seeking to get rid of.
> priests wanted him to do three things
> First, to take his girlfriend's body buried
> Secondly, his girlfriend wearing pajamas burned alive
> Third, the hide of the pants washed
> All things must be three more before completed, or else there will be a fatal disaster!
> he followed the priest's orders all things are done very carefully, but that pieces of clots of blood but also how to find
> unlikely.
> soon three shifts, and large drops of perspiration dripping from his face in the carpet are wet.
> will be three shifts at the time he found that pieces of clots of blood, but No matter how how rubbing is washed away.
> this time suddenly blustery, thunder and lightning. windows were swaying wind flapping around, broken glass
> cracking sound people more jumpy, and suddenly all the lights all off, the whole house was dark.
> lightning, saw his girlfriend wearing pajamas stained with blood, his eyes dripping blood, his face grim
> pointing to his snapped: "Do you know why do not wash off the blood? ? "
> He was stunned speechless sentence
> girlfriend continued: "Because you did not use Diaopai detergent, stupid. "
> (2) night event ghost
> Night has been deep, and a taxi driver decided to pull a passenger on the home, but the road has been
> been not many people.
> drivers driving without a purpose, found in front of a white shadow shaking, to the He waved, had a quiet
> night all of a sudden there
> unnatural human hand, and, had this situation reminiscent of the kind of people do not want to think of
> thing, it is a ghost!!!
> may be the last driver decided to pull her, the man got into the car, with the miserable and hoarse voice said:
> go to the cremation plant
>. "driver Jiling shivering. Does she really ...... he could no longer down to, do not dare down
> thought. He was very sorry, but now only actually quickly sent her.
> woman handsome face, his face pale, not all the way, creepy. Drivers really can not continue
> go on from
> close to where she was going away, when he had an excuse, stammered: "Miss, really bad
> meant, in front
> bad turn around, go through yourself, is very near. "the woman nodded and asked:" How much money
>? " driver quickly said: "Come, come,
> you a woman, so late to come here is not easy, forget it!" "That's how the nerve." "Just
> So be it! "the driver insisted.
> fail to beat the woman, "Well, thank you!" Then, open the door ......
> driver turned to launch a car, but did not hear the sound of car door, then back too far ......
> how that woman gone so fast? He looked recoil, no! Car in front, left, right
>, followed did not! Does she just disappeared?
> driver's curiosity that he wanted to find out what he got out, came not on the door next,
> "That woman
> Is it so fast The gone, or she is ...... "He will collapse, just to get out of here, a
> bloody hand
> pat his shoulder, he turned around, and that a woman standing in front of him Manlianshixue spoke.
> "Master! Please do not stop when the next stop in the ditch beside the ......"
> (3) There are two people
> in a remote village, a trail on a straight poles, strange to say,
> often been in that
> accident. Soon a young man and woman knocked down by careless riding, killed on the spot. One night, five-year-old small blog
> and his mother in the back
> home road through there, a small blog suddenly: "Mom, wire rod with two people." Holding his mother hand
> Fast away, said:
> "Children should not talk nonsense!" But it soon spread, and one day, a reporter to interview a small
> Chi let him take his
> to see where the accident occurred, a small blog that openly took him, the reporter asked: "Where?" Little Chi
> pointing above, the reporter looked up poles hung a sign,
> wrote: traffic safety is everyone's responsibility
> ; (4) three ghosts complaints
> One day, when they met in the shopping god! They said to God, they all die miserable
> want them to heaven! God was frustration that many households in heaven now, were full. But now
> In yet a quota! Well you see who die the most miserable, let who go to heaven!
> So, the first ghost started to say ......
> I'm alive is a cleaner. Work very hard! From morning till night!
> One day, I was a mansion outside Cabo! Is the kind of high-altitude hanging out dangerous work!
> In the first 30 floor! Suddenly, my foot slipped and slipped fell out! I think, done! Going to die!
> However, this will allow me to live unconsciously scratch! Luckily, I caught a balcony railing,
> in the 13th floor. I think, have hope! So want to wait back to life after the climb!
> Unexpectedly, suddenly someone put my hand a strike with fists, I fell out! I think this time I really finished!
> But, my life should never, under a tent caught me, I'm definitely glad past accumulation of Germany!
> want to wait back to life on the go. Who knows, fall above a refrigerator, put me stoned!
> The second ghost said ......
> I'm alive is a clerk. What are good, I have a wife, very pretty. Great body!
> but that is a little water flowering. I have a mild heart attack. Forgot to bring medicine to work one day, I get to go home
>. A door,
> saw his wife hair disheveled, disheveled. Certainly adulterer. So I houseful
> find, also looking for kitchen, toilet find, did not find. To the balcony, I found two hands pawing at
> railing, I thought: adulterer! Then put his hand a strike with fists. I thought, 13th floor! Look drop dead you!
> results, etc. I saw, actually did not die! Tent was caught! I am anxious, so houseful find, into
> kitchen and found a refrigerator large enough, then dropped to the refrigerator. Finally he stoned! I was so happy
>! Laughing. Surprisingly smile myocardial ridge plug, laughable!
> The third ghost said ......
> I'm alive is a small fry, but I did nothing wrong! One day I went to a female friend's house
> Akira! Just finishing things, her husband suddenly back! I have to find a place to hide. So the kitchen is also looking,
> toilet to find, finally found their home refrigerator getting bigger, so I hid in the refrigerator gone! I'll unknown
> White, her husband
> I know how in the refrigerator, the refrigerator he actually dropped from the 13th floor to go!
> I do it both man and refrigerators his death!
> (5) toilet encounter ghosts
> Chu Yang stopping child to go to the countryside, in and chat with relatives, relatives told him where the toilet was something fishy, ​​do not
> However, you do not take
> by the ghosts of things, ghosts will not hurt you. The reason may be acclimatized to the evening, Chu Yang to the
> belly
> pain was terrible. There is no way, Chu Yang had with fear to the psychological, bite the bullet and go to the toilet.
> Chu Yang to just squat down, they heard the voice of a ghost:
> "to be red or white toilet paper toilet paper?"
> Chu Yang unacceptable ghost to know things, he replied:
> "I have been using the newspaper."
> evidently, Chu Yang to be afflicted with dysentery, and after a while, Chu Yang and went to the toilet to However, this
> times, he is no longer afraid.
> ghost see Chu Yang back, shot Youshen said:
> "to the" Youth Daily "or" Central Daily "?"
> "I have been using sports Newspapers. "
> night, Chu Yang to the Third to the toilet.
> "to" youth sports "or" Central Sports "?" ghost asked.
> "...... I ...... I just want to pee."
2002-06-10 02:32:21
(6) Ghost Phone
> previous call, unlike now used by a number, is inserted into a hole with a finger disc with dial.
> Talk Once upon ......
> Xiao Ming home phone number is 444-4444, and often has a strange phone call came .....
> a day 12 midnight, when the phone rang, Xiao Ming lift the handset.
> over the phone with a sad voice said: "Here is 444-4444 ask you? Can you help me
> call 119 alarm? I'm good Cana! ...... . "
> Xiao Ming:" You find someone else to help you, do not come to me! "
> man:" I can only call to 444-4444, no way to call someone else. "
> Xiao Ming scared to death, and quickly hung up the phone,
> only hit 444-4444? Could it be a ghost? ! !
> After a child phone rang again, Xiao Ming did not dare take,
> but the phone has been ringing .... Xiao Ming had to pick up the phone.
> man: "Here is 444-4444 ask you? Can you help me to call 119 police? I'm so
> Cana!
> ....... ...... my finger stuck in the telephone dial hole! "
> (7) Eye
> two man on Halloween After the walk home masquerade ..
> As they passed a cemetery when,
> on a whim to go through this cemetery.
> When they reached the half when they are the cries of knock - knock - knock sounds to scare.
> The voice came from a dark place they were trembling with fear,
> Then they found that there was a older people are armed with a chisel chisel a tombstone.
> where a man had said: "My God, sir, we thought you were a ghost yeah,
> so late, you In what ah? "
> old curse: '***, they put my name misspelled.!!!!"
> (8) wildfire
> in a dark night, a man to catch the night road, passing through a graveyard. Breeze, ambient sound rustled
>, Zhi Jiaoren Khan
> hair stood on end, scalp hair at first glance. At this point, he suddenly found a little red flames distant hidden when.
> his first thought
> is the "wildfire." So he gingerly picked up a stone and threw it toward the light. I saw that the fire
> light fluttering leisurely flew another mound of
> behind. He was more afraid, and picked up a stone, threw flares throwing in the past and saw that the light Youxiang another
> graves fly.
> At this point, he has been close to collapse. So, they picked up a stone and threw it toward the light. At this time, just listen to
> mound behind the pass
> to a voice: "Mom, Who? Pull the bubble feces do not pull people happy myself. Effort to cut me a bag of smoke three times
>. "
> (9) doll
> there is a taxi driver in a taxi firm. One day the night, he was driving through a very desolate
> where four
> week a dark; suddenly saw there a building in front of wasteland, lit the dim lights. He was surprised that
> li when
> from such a building, there is a lady to see the roadside waving to take his car to go home, the young lady sitting
> car, he
> the door shut and began to open
> car, after a while children, he felt very strange, why the young lady did not speak, and he later mirror
> a look, how
> What Miss, only a doll sitting there, he was scared half to death, grabbed the doll out the window and throw out
>, back
> home after
> ill for three months
> ..
> ..
> ..
> ..
> ..
> and so he is well then, he went back to the taxi line work, the results of his colleagues said to him: "You're not Italian
> thinking,
> have a
> beautiful lady complained that she last came to take your car, and she just lost her dolls go, you
> The door shut and drove off.
> (10) as saying in a night dark and stormy night, on the longest piece of the most horrible way ...... ......
> taxi driver opened there ......
>, a woman in the street waving to the car ......
> ;
> ah ...... way ...... very quiet ......
> until that woman speak ......
> She said: "Apple for you to eat good food ...... oh ......"
> drivers feel great ...... took a ......
> Then eat a ......
> The woman asked: "How does it taste? "
> Driver said:" delicious ah! "
> Woman and retorted:" I also like to eat apples during his lifetime ah ...... "
> ; wow ...... & * $ # @ ...... driver of a hearing, scared the emergency brake, looking discolor ......
> saw that the woman Slowly tilt your head to the front, ...... the driver said ..................
> you want to know what she said? ..................... .................................
> "...... but I? after the birth of a child does not like to eat! ...
> ; >>> Tel Minutes (the vicissitudes of life)
>>>> day, I sit and Pakistan trip, the car is extremely quiet. Suddenly, the car is a middle-aged man's cell phone rang, he
> pick
>>>> listening, said loudly up: "Oh, Amy, I'm sorry I'm sorry, I missed appointments I missed appointments, well fine me please
> passengers.
>>> small
>>>> Wang ah, yes, the morning came a temporary customers in Hong Kong. Shangri-La is now invited him to dinner, not
>>> thinking,
>>>> OK, see you later ! "
>>>> Soon, the man's phone rang again. I saw him frowned and thought a long while before speaking: "Hey, Amy
>>> Microphone,
>>> ;> how do you now? Did not sleep enough? Remember to wipe the smell, ah, think of me? Now? Do not say? Still in Beijing
> Do
>>> say
>>>> up, sad to say wrapped around the main way, it seems that in order to get the money it had twenty-three days, obey, come back to kiss you, ah!
>>>> At the moment we take the CMB is the exercise trail in Guangzhou to Dongguan, the whole car passengers coming towards him, sitting on his
> row
>>>> a small crush laughed Yanzui .
>>>> not more than five minutes, the gentleman's phone rang again. He looked at the numbers, very firmly pressed out, then rang
> and
>>> press
> ; >>> away. It seems he did not want to take the call, but the caller is a patient man, pursued vigorously. Walking
> gas
>>>> up, turn on the phone one through fierce gun: "Hey Hey, you crazy ah you, nothing to fight what to play, call not
> money
>>> Which
>>>> ;? What? I hang up your phone? I'm on the toilet! I am facing the toilet to talk to you? Wife ah my wife, I beg you
>>>> her husband work on the outside, you do not then it this way, what is it to go back again, so, hang up! "
>>>> He would not finish, the whole car passengers were laughing heap, even drivers stop their cars, while laughing laughter side
>>> "
>>> ;> hey, I said, you can accumulate enough merit Yeah right, put my car into the toilet no problem saying that passengers on board men and
> >>'s,
>>>> Where in the world this mixed toilet ah? Ha ha ha ...... "
2002-06-10 02:58:07
a thief's New Year mobilization meeting The meeting presided over by the company boss arrested vain.
> grasping vain: Comrades, the new year began, we have to go to their jobs, to carry out the new year
> Pirates
> stolen work. Here, let me wish you a new year, Wan Ruyi steal the body slippery. But the new work carried out in the
> ago, I
> We first summarize the lessons learned last year, so we convened this meeting. I hope the participants comrades conscientiously sum up, deep
> engraved experience
>, succeed in the new year, the vast world, be as large. Here, first Minister of Transport to make theft beaten comrades first
> statement.
> do beaten: Comrades, the Ministry of Transport steal the hard work of all the past, our activities are in various forms around the pan
> cross
> ; through tools, trains, buses, and even airplanes on both my colleagues in the Department lithe. In extremely difficult conditions,
> we are still
> then created a steal yuan xxxxxxxx million years success. I think, the results are hard to come by, we are mainly
> caught
> focus of the work, is in China's railway road transport sector in cooperation with the effective use of the Spring Festival peak of returning migrant workers
> of traffic
> crowded special case, we gave up home for the holidays, New Year's Eve still stick to their posts, and special big steal steal. Although Ni large
> sister did not
> read our work to fight to the Spring Festival Evening Telegraph, did not we stick to their posts condolences, but at the National People's
> New Year a good mood, we, the value of! [thunderous applause]
> Comrades, I think, a year on New Year's Ministry of Transportation theft succeed, light by the usual efforts are not enough
>, I
> who still rely on the major holidays when the congestion of the favorable conditions in the transport sector's active cooperation, our latest The
> struggle TARGET - 2003 Golden Week! [applause sounded again]
> grasping not: try beating the Ministry of Transport Ministers gave us a wonderful report, the following year we invite theft scores first
> a residential theft Climbing minister ministry statement.
> would Climbing: I appreciate the minister's speech to make beaten. Thief is to have a global overview of the big vision. We can not
> care
> one one the pros and cons, to be able to seize the focus of the work. The reason why my Department has achieved annual total theft first success,
> is the result of
> as we know there must lose income. So we gave up ordinary household theft work, they have nothing to steal
>? No cash
> Gold, are books, there is no valuables at home. We steal focus from long ago moved to the section-level cadres at
> more dry
> department. And to take the traditional means of theft based, supplemented by new means of working methods. Last year, my department coworkers, wrote Le
> Cable letter to
> cadres at and above a city, threatening if not send money, we must denounce their corruption, the results received a cash xxxxx?
> Kau �? no one reported. Our department last year successfully done without an arrest, safe production 365 days!
> Our goal this year is to ---- bureau cadres above! Yeah!
> Grasping not : Residential theft Minister's speech is worth pondering how to safely steal, and to identify the best interests of the mention
> donor
>, is the ministry after numerous thefts come advanced experience. I hope you seriously study and find tips. I think that the
> unit step
> child across a larger number of target put higher. Fight for the new year, total theft can create a new record. Like Hu
> Changqing a
> kind of lessons, we can no longer be tolerated! If he arrested before we can lay hands on him, stole his house, ?
> � �? blackmail letter, the harvest will be much? Um?
> Here is our fastest growing network this year, the Minister cccv theft speak.
> cccv: Comrades, it is undeniable, our department is our newly founded department, income is very small. We will send
> exhibition is
> soon, we have last year's successful use of network convenient features, creating a night reprint xxxxxxxx ten thousand
> results
>. Grab our success in front of them in the writers made in the online virtual text into real money. And so they found
> when they
> How can we? Headache it, shout it, we laugh vacantly money it! And my work is characterized by the Ministry, no?
> Roundworm thermal?
> Danger. Even be found, there is no legal means to deal with us, we are the true realization of the safety in production. I
> Ministry workers
> for the environment is good, work intensity is not just nudge the mouse to complete the workflow. I think the network is the Company
> Division future
> direction of development, although substantial benefits in return is small, but the network is huge potential for development in the future may acquire
> The rewards are huge! My slogan is that thieves who, toward the network, starting!
> catch vain: The General Assembly will end only consolidated the major department excellent speech of the Minister, we can draw the conclusion that
>, I
> Our cause is a future career prospects, and our colleagues are full of wisdom. Let the times, in the new year, summed
> newer and better experience, I hope we meet again next year, still could get out excellent results.
> bang Qielei Qie, dissolved.
2002-06-10 03:14:55

>>>>> first are Beijing, thousands of years ill wind, Wan li bacteria floating.
>>>>> look inside and outside the Great Wall, the human heart panic panic,
>> ; >>> Beijing on the city, the noisy downtown Dayton lost.
>>>>> eat plate blue roots, serving vitamins, want to try ratio of SARS high.
>>>>> no peace,
>>>>> look mask hand sets, points outside the demon Rao.
>>>>> viruses such as this multifocal, cited competition innocent Liang China ; fold waist.
>>>>> cherish chest through B-, slightly lose text mining,
>> >>> Western medicine Chinese medicine, a little wind Sao Johnson,
>>>>> generation Yong medicine, Qi together China, bereavement heart disease mad indiscriminate medicine.
>>>>> with vain men,
>>>>> sources such as disease research Ho, to be watching Ming Dynasty.
2002-06-10 03:45:42
>> humor
>> SARS benefits
>> 1. Everybody concept note of personal hygiene, and small hand-washing habits did not develop a
>> 2. because of a reason, a popular spring colds, enteritis significantly reduce
>> 3. status Medicines substantial increase in the backlog for years Herbs all bought up
>> 4. saved more than N masks, disinfectant and hygiene products manufacturer
>> 5. staff to community status improved significantly
>> 6. public places emphasis on the health situation got
>> 7. further respect for privacy, we are not going back and forth right
>> 8. wildlife protection, because no one would dare eat
>> 9. many students Units holiday, with many years of hope Pay big fake finally came
>> 10. street affectionate fewer people, social trends have been correct, fear of infection
>> 11. seat many people, as long as you get on the train coughing, immediately three square nobody within the
>> 12. communications companies a fortune, people hold back in the room by telephone contact;
>> 13. family harmony, because not at home no place to go;
>> 14. man cooking skills improve, idle really nothing it always has relied on dominance the kitchen;
>> 15. interest in reading back, mahjong gambling nobody attended;
>> 16 the television viewership increased;
>> 17. accompanied by the spread of chemical and biological viruses, network viruses sudden increase up more people access to the Internet;
>> ; 18. bicycle selling;
>> 19. food hot;
>> 20. social security situation improved significantly, because the family many people;
>> 21. escort lady doing nothing, and so enhance the ethical standards;
>> 22. traffic conditions improve;
>> 23. population pressures eased.