Why re-starting after only grub?

Category: Linux/Unix Community -> System Maintenance Author: cowson Date: 2006-01-09 19:43:12
2006-01-09 19:43:12
I use the Lenovo t468 server. Sata raid dual hard drives, I installed red hat enterprise as. Install after re-starting, the screen displays only grub. Did not respond to keyboard input. Which Big Brother know how it is
2006-01-09 19:55:51
in bios, hard disk boot priority sequence will start, because the installation system, the disc is a boot priority.
If not, then reinstall it, if there is not, explain your motherboard does not support the linux version!
2006-01-09 20:09:38
boot error, make sure your / boot / grub / directory of the files are installed and configured correctly, and then enter the grub
root (hd0, 0)
setup (hd0, 0)

RAID if it is software RAID, plus SATA, so that the combined use of the system comes with configuration usually does not start properly, you need to manually modify the boot information , the installation of partitions divide is also very important and needs certain skills. I think your question should be district caused by the irrational
2006-01-09 20:18:52
I restarted when there is no disk drive. Were redone twice. Or not.
2006-01-09 20:25:06
like linux boot with windows starts a bit different, not to say that there was no disc drive hard disk will automatically start, for some motherboards, not to hard to master, and the first start, you can not start linux, at least I have come across a few times . In particular IPC board!